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A few words of introduction
I.R.M.A Inventory of Old Military French Radio Sets
The IRMA project was launched in 2001 by a few dedicated enthusiasts who are very keen on military radio technology and its history. They realized that French radio equipment, of which our forebears were very proud of in its time, had no specific place in the history of French technology. This is in sharp contrast to the traditions in English-speaking countries. They were also aware of the fact that they were the last link, as electronics engineers graduated in the 60’s, between their forebears, those who had made them radio fanatics and today’s all-digital generation. Our plan is to create a “Land/Air/Sea” virtual museum which will house most French sets from the beginnings up to 1960. Each device will be identified and its technical characteristics and originality highlighted. We will focus on how each radio set was used, and by whom. Moreover, we will describe its industrial cycle. The main technical knowledge and practices of each period will also be dealt with. From the beginning IRMA has had the backing of “l’Arme des Transmissions” (Mont Valérien 8ième Regiment de Transmissions, Musée des Transmissions in Rennes). Contributions came from many private individuals, eager to ensure that this heritage is handed down. Associations (AAMB, ANATC, ..) have offered their help. Lately, we were granted access to the collections of the “Conservatoire National des Arts et métiers” . The first DVD (1900 to 1918) and the second DVD (1919 to 1944) are available. The third (1945 to 1960) will be released at the end of 2009.
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